Learn how an effective storytelling workshop

can transform the lives of older adults

There is power in sharing our life stories; research has shown that storytelling can enhance and transform the lives of older adults, both as tellers and as listeners. Specific skills in storytelling have been linked to older adults’ greater empathy and trust, stronger social connections, and even enhanced physical and emotional resilience.

In this Orange Paper, you’ll learn:
  • which kinds of storytelling can improve the lives of older adults both emotionally and physically
  • outcomes from a two-year pilot of a storytelling program for older adults from disparate backgrounds
  • tips for developing an effective storytelling workshop
From this Orange Paper:

Research has shown that older adults who score higher on measures of resilience tend to story or “catalog” their life experiences in predictable and identifiable ways. Storytelling programming need not be overly complex to make a positive and substantive impact on the lives of older adults.

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How Sharing Life Stories Benefits Older Adults