Learn how older adults can adopt certain lifestyle

behaviors to improve their brain health

There is growing research that supports the use of brain fitness programs for people of all ages. Recent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of programs promoting lifestyle changes for brain health, and suggest that adopting certain lifestyle behaviors can help older adults maintain cognitive function and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive decline.

In this Orange Paper, you’ll learn:
  • which lifestyle behaviors you should include in your brain fitness programs
  • which types of programs have long-term benefits for the brain
  • which changes in lifestyle can affect brain health
From this Orange Paper:

Research has shown that we can grow new brain cells even late in life. Scientists have demonstrated that entire brain regions can grow in adulthood. Research also suggests that even a short-term course of cognitive training can have lasting effects.

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Research Suggests There Is Much We Can Do to Decrease the Risk of Dementia

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