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An opportunity to recognize important breakthroughs in aging services

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging created the Innovative Research on Aging Awards to bring attention to excellent applied research that offers important implications for the senior living industry.

2018 Gold Award

Deep-Diving into Falls: Filming Resident Falls Reveals Gender-Specific Patterns

University of British Columbia
Yijian Yang, PhD

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among older adults. Although rates of falls are similar in men and women, the rate of fall-related injuries is higher in women, while the rate of fatality from falls is 49% higher in men. For this study, the researchers examined whether physiological and behavioral differences between men and women may cause them to fall differently.

2018 Silver Award Recipients

Inflaming Emotions

Examining Effects of Diverse Emotions on Chronic Inflammation

Fighting Brain Drain

Slowing the Aging Brain’s Neural Decline with Dance

Helping Hand Hygiene

Repurposing Technology to Protect Older Adults

Validating Volunteering

Easing Loneliness in the Recently Widowed

2018 Bronze Award Recipients

Drive Time

Exploring How Specific Cognitive Training Delays Driving Cessation

Exercising the Brain

Workout Interventions Improve Cognitive Function in Older Hispanics/Latinos

Individualizing Interventions

Debunking “One Size Fits All” Psychology Interventions for Older Adults

Positive Views, Positive Outcomes

Exploring Older Adults’ Views on Aging, Leisure Activities & Physical Health

Trading Places

How and Why Life Plan Communities Become “Third Places” for Residents

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Entry Guidelines:

Researchers and authors who have peer-reviewed journal articles published between March 2019 and March 2020 are invited to apply. This includes articles published online ahead of print.  The research must be applicable to a relevant area, including:

  • supporting the senior living workforce
  • technological advancements for older adults
  • programs that support health and well-being of senior living residents
  • aging in place


Evaluation Criteria:

Applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • quality of research
  • actionable research findings and recommendations
  • relevance to important problems in the senior living industry
  • innovation

Monetary Awards:

The gold award winner will receive $2,000; up to four silver awards will each receive $1,000; and up to five bronze awards will each receive $500.

Entries will be accepted beginning in February 2020.



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