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Ideal for: Activities Professionals, Volunteer Coordinators, Social Workers, Human Resource Professionals

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging, in partnership with Clearbrook and Center for Independent Futures, is offering a new resource to Foster Intergenerational Inclusive Volunteer Engagement. F.I.I.V.E. Chicago teamed up older adults as mentors with young people with developmental disabilities to design and implement service projects for underserved groups in their communities. The project was funded by The Coleman Foundation of Chicago, IL.


Agencies that serve persons with developmental disabilities and organizations that serve older adults can use the free toolkit to start and direct an initiative like F.I.I.V.E. Chicago in their own communities. The comprehensive toolkit includes a wealth of information and materials, including concrete examples of volunteer activity sessions and training scripts with corresponding presentational materials (including PowerPoint slides). Participants will find they learn from each other, sharing stories and experiences from their own lives as they work together on projects.

In the original study, F.I.I.V.E. Chicago mentors included residents from senior living, long-term care communities, and older adult service agencies. Participating agencies serving people with disabilities included Clearbrook, Arlington Heights, IL; Center for Independent Futures, Evanston, IL; Misericordia, Chicago, IL; Barbara Olson Center of Hope, Rockford, IL; Park Lawn, Oak Lawn, IL; and Seguin Services, Cicero, IL.