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Jordan H. Stein, PhD – Senior Research Associate

Dr. Stein began working at Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging (MLIA) in February of 2011. After spending time as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology, she happily returned to MLIA in January of 2013.

Broadly, her prior work at the University of Arizona has focused on issues related to social and organizational justice. More specifically, her previous research centered on workplace discrimination, cross-cultural differences in justice perceptions, and aspects of organizational justice that influence punishment of workplace deviance, to name a few.

Dr. Stein also has experience using handheld devices to collect experience sampling data. Presently, she is exploring the use of this methodology in conjunction with dynamical systems theory—a theory that has traditionally been used to understand concepts in physics, economics, and applied mathematics to explain changes over time that occur in physical and artificial systems.

Her prior work at MLIA focused on the mOQOLD (mobile Observing Quality of Life in Dementia) project. She was responsible for training practitioners in adult day centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes to use a hand-held device to record data that became the contents of reports they eventually downloaded to assess the quality of life of people with dementia.

Dr. Stein will be contributing to the Mather LifeWays mission of creating Ways to Age WellSM by conducting wellness-related research and developing programs/products for senior living. She is currently working with Dr. Perry Edelman on the Positive Aging Project and the Second National Survey of Whole-Person Wellness.

Dr. Stein’s philosophy is one that values, creativity, blending ideas from various disciplines, and the creation of both thought provoking and practical new ideas for both scholarly projects and service related endeavors alike.


Selected Publications:

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